Welcome to Hejaz Ultra

Hejaz Ultra is a Jeddah based running group focused mainly on endurance trail running, but we also cater to trekking/hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Almost every weekend, you'll find us training hard on rocky trails, sandy dunes, or hilly roads. We organize events throughout the year that cater to athletes of different fitness levels, so we have beginners, marathoners, ultra runners, ironmen and everything in between.

Past Events

Our events guarantee only two things:
1. To push you past your limits. 2. Have an incredibly great time doing it!
Despite our notoriety for encouraging you to pick the challenging categories, we've seen participant numbers spike up!
Read about some of our events to find out why.
  • Hejaz100

    Hejaz Ultra's most-awaited annual event where solo runners or a relay team of 2 - 4 push past their limits to cover the distance of 100km in the scenic, hilly trails of Hejaz.

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  • Hejaz Overload

    The first ever multi-day desert race in the Kingdom with three categories (10km, 21km, or 42km) to conquer the dunes for 3 days in row and rest in camp at night.

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  • Tarawih Half Marathon

    In the middle of Ramadan, when there's a full moon to light up the Hejaz desert trails, runners drive out of the city after Tarawih Prayers to challenge themselves to a 10.5km or 21.2km run.

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Hejaz Ultra can't be remotely close to the awesome club that it is now if it weren't for its spectacular sponsors whose support and work behind-the-scenes we owe a big chunk of our success to.
Medd Café and Roastery
Del Monte
Environmental Development Co. Ltd.
Cyclist Home