Hejaz Overload 2017

Author: Hajer Ashmeel, Written on: 5 August, 2018
Hejaz Overload Dunes

Last November, our first multi days running event in Saudi Arabia came to life where runners were offered 3 distance options to cover every day, for 3 days, 10 km, 21 km and 42 km.

The clear blue sky with the yellow soft sand dunes and the spectacular shapes of rocks in masturah area tried to seduce the runners to enjoy the view and forget about the madness they signed up for, but no offense Masturah, Runners signed up for their torture and they insist in having it.

The race started on the early evening of a Thursday where runners met before the sunset and started running with the sun going down, the first day ended with a nice reward where the Peachy famous lentil soup was prepared for runners, in the campsite before everyone goes to get their much needed sleep.

The second day, started nicely with the smell of the breakfast all over the camp base before the sunrise, runners get ready and started running the hardest track of the 3 days. Hajer Ashmeel, “ once you start the track you realize running is not an option, you are literally dragging your legs out of the sands all the time and you don’t realize how fun is that until you reach the part where you have to crawl to climb the dune.”

Runners started to come back with different reactions some were in tears others were barely walking while others were just over the moon to be back in the campsite, you look at them and you think no one is going to run the next day, but before you realize it the next morning arrives, and before the sun wakes up our runners are ready in full gear getting ready for the last day of the race.

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