Hejaz Ultra 100 Trail Marathon

Author: Angelo Orlando, Written on: 12 September, 2018
Hejaz Overload Dunes

A fascinating journey to its first edition: a collection of the pearls of the Saudi territory, the magical alchemy of desert and volcanic rock, frequent hills and combinations of camel paths and new roads dug by the only recent industrial civilisation.

A race leaving deep memories like the silence and the solitude of the night torn by the light of the head-lamp looking for the signs for the track to follow.

The arrival of the first glimmers, dawn, to unveil the primordial and uncontaminated soul of this country, those golden colours, soft, that take you in a hug .. because living in the desert is living the warmth of a passionate embrace, in its arms you are cradled by its harmonies, its drawings, its curves.

The desert is like the sea, you breathe it while remaining mesmerised by its waves painted in the sand, songs of mermaids, forms in continuous mutation.

A fresh wind gratify the effort of the commitment, at the afternoon, able to lift into the atmosphere a sand so fine that it pales the sun by wrapping it and cooling it with spectral shades. Around monoliths emerge from the sand with expressions that make fantasy play like clouds dancing in the sky.

The path is a continuous up and down, walking among petrified lava flows, a primordial sea, a return to the origins of our planet and feel, perceive in the stomach, the torment and chaos, of the wars that have shaped to these places, giving them the inner forms and riches.

Along the route crossing nomads, shepherds greetings the runners through routes invaded by camels and dogs scratching to guard the flocks.