Hejaz Ploggers

Hejaz Ploggers

The Hejaz Plogging team believes in a litter-free environment and inspiring the masses to achieve this goal through physical activity. Led by Hejaz Committee's environmental enthusiast Taha Boksmati, the team enforces positive changes in the community with regards to littering, recycling, reducing the use of plastic, and most-importantly getting many others on board to make a difference in this beautiful planet we live in.

What is Plogging?

In it's simplest way, plogging is collecting trash while jogging or walking. In the Hejaz Ploggers way, it is a fun-filled activity done by a team of friendly environmentally-conscious enthusiasts, all for a good cause in saving mother Earth.

Where do you plog?

We are constantly looking for ideal places to plog, i.e. places frequented by public and could be more picturesque without the trash in the background. To date, we've covered areas on the seaside and picnic/activity areas in Basateen District. It helps that there are people in the area for more exposure. We wish to lead by example and hopefully inspire onlookers to be more mindful about how they throw their trash. If you want us to plog in your area or you know of any area that could use some cleaning up, drop us a message at info@hejazultra.org

Who can join Hejaz Ploggers?

Everyone. Just grab your sports shoes, a couple plastic bags (preferrably biodegradable), gloves, slap on a bright smile, strap on that positive attitude, and you're good to go!
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