Hejaz Ploggers in Action

Our team of environmental warriors get together weekly to "harvest" trash prioritizing plastic and styrofoam as these materials are the most harmful to the environment and wildlife. Watch the video below to get a clearer idea of plogging and we invite you, yes YOU, to get in on the action!


Trash Collection

Hydration is key in surviving the notorious Saudi summer but unfortunately these bottles and cups didn't make their way to the right trash can.

Trash Collection

A single plogger's harvest of straws and lollipop sticks on a 500m stretch of beach. These silent killers are the culprits for death of turtles and other innocent ocean wildlife when the waves sweeps them into the ocean.

Straws and Trash

A team of 3 - 4 ploggers can collect an average of 2 plastic bags full of disposed plastic and recyclable materials while walking/running by the seaside.

Dead Bird

A sad sight while plogging. One of our runners spotted this dead bird surrounded by alot of plastic and other trash by the rocks on the beach.


A smile for the camera before gearing up for the plogging task ahead.

Beach Cleanup

Cleaning up close to the water on the sea side is essential to help prevent harmful trash making it to our precious oceans.