Geocaching is a form of modern treasure hunt. Simplified and generally speaking: There are people who hide containers with nice things and a logbook somewhere, preferrably at nice places, and publish the stash location by means of GPS coordinates on the internet (preferrably at Opencaching). Other people read this geocache listings, note the coordinates and use their GPS device to find the treasures. They log their visit in the on-site logbook, maybe exchange items stored in the cache, hide the container at the same place and log their visit online at the geocaching website.

So far for the basics. Of course geocaching is much more. For example, there are different types of caches, from simple ones which you can nearly grab driving by with your car, up to sophisticated caches which need special equipment (like climbing gear or wetsuit). There are multistage caches and quiz caches which include solving puzzles.

However, all geocaches have one thing in common: The fun of geocaching! Fun in outdoor touring, fun in searching and riddling. Fun in meeting challenges, and – last but not least – fun in meeting and chatting with other geocachers – by log entries, within online communities and at geocaching events.

The fascination of geocaching is hardly to put in a nutshell, due to the variety of cache types, locations and interests of individual geocachers. Some will use geocaching as an additional attraction for walking sports, while others will use it for family trips. Some like puzzles, other hate it and instead seek for high demanding terrains or pursue the challenge of doing as many caches as possible.

You think this sounds to good to be true? Just try it!

Hejaz Ultra Geocaches

Here are the list of the Geocaches hidden by Hejaz Ultra.

You can view them and others on the map:

How to start:

  1. Register for an account on OpenCaching. You should switch to English language at the upper right corner. In "my profile" you can select "Saudi Arabia" once you've clicked on "View all countries".
  2. Download one of the app such as
  3. link your account to the app.You can and SHOULD link your account as well in that app !

Note1: It's all free on OpenCaching

  1. Register for an account on
  2. Download the official app.

Note1: offers both free ( Basic) and non-free (Advanced) accounts. You don't really need the advanced account. I have ythe Basic and it's enough.

Some of the HejazUltra are opublished on both platform. Some are only on all-free OpenCaching platform