12h Ultra Marathon on a 850m flat course from Friday March 17th 15:00 to 03:00 Saturday 18th 03:00

Run/Walk/Ride: Solo or Relay of 2 Athletes.

(Riders will enjoy a 5.25km loop 4.9km on tarmac + 350m on hard sand/gravel, where road bikes will loose the advantage they had on the tarmac.)

Complete as many laps as you can within the allocated time frame. Take breaks if you want for as long as you want while the clock keeps ticking. Nap as long as you wish.

All participants will be Finishers as this this a race against time and not a distance to reach

The Athelete Village, in front of the Start-Finish line, is also the Food Station area and the place where you can enter and leave the course (taking breaks / naps / toilets stop)

There will be some light in some part of the run/walk course but a head torch is required.

Registration opened on http://register.HejazUltra.org/