Medd Hejaz100

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Medd Hejaz100 race

History in the making:

To the best of our knowledge, this is the longest foot race organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can't miss it. The Medd Hejaz100 is brought to you by the same team who brought to you the inaugural Hejaz50 in March 2016 and the Hejaz50#2 in an updated format in October 2016. With an incline of 1250m the Hejaz50#1 was the toughest foot race organized in the western region but that event lost its title to the Hejaz50#2 with a hellish total incline of 1850m. Hejaz50#2 was the 1st event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be certified by the International Trail Running Association. You said you wanted more. We listened and we are bringing to you the Hejaz100!

Race Format

Whereas the Hejaz50 were mostly designed as 25km out and 25km back, the Medd Hejaz100 is using a completely different, new and exciting format.

The Medd Hejaz100 Solo runners and Hejaz100 Relay runners Categories will start at 03:30AM.

The Medd Hejaz100 MTB, as well as all 50km athletes, and trekkers will start at 06:00AM.

There will be a cut-off time of 10hours for the 50km athletes, and 19hours for the 100km runners and 16h30mins for MTB 100km.


The Course details is now available.


This is YOUR race. You can ride your Mountain Bike. You can walk. And, of course, you can run. You can't miss it.

We are happy to announce that we are giving a choice of one lap only (50km) - for MTB and for Relay. no Solo50. sorry. and that's non negotiable.

Note that there are two MTB Categories only: MTB50 for Teams of 2 or 3 riders competing against each others regardless of the team size, and MTB100 for Teams of 2 or 3 riders competing against each others regardless of the team size.

Race fee