Course details:

With only a few hills, this first Hejaz100 race can not be compared to the Hejaz50#2 which had 1850m ascent over 50km , as it will have 2x 925m = 1850m ascent . so the same total ascent over twice the distance !

Here is what the 4 loops of the 50km lap look like:


West & North:


It is designed to make most of you finish. I'll revisit that again for Hejaz100#2 . I will most probably have changed my mind by then. So Enjoy while it lasts!

There is absolutely no need for Relays to drive around in a 4x4. You can come with your Ferrari, park it at CPA and leave it there the all day. All relay changes will be happening at CPA. CPA will be a center for Entertainment. please bring your Friends and Family as well.

Solo100 runners Course detail ( 03:30AM start):

MTB100 Course detail (06:00AM start):

MTB50,RR50 Course detail (06:00AM start):

Trek28 Course detail (06:00AM start):


South: West: North: East:


Road Book

will be shared soon.