Even if you don't want to run, Trek or ride with us on February 25th 2017, you can still Make History....


Join our amazing Volunteers Team and help organizing the event, help support the Athletes. They can NOT do it without your support. here are a few of the thank you messages we collected from the previous races:

AAA: " And great thanks for the volunteers who made this a successful reality." AT: "Behind the scene, taking all this heat and giving a lot of their efforts to make this event a success, with a smile they cheer everyone and pass him a drink or snack, Hejaz50 volunteers, you are awesome" OA: "Thanks to all volunteers 😍🙏. Next Hejaz pleeeease bring us foul & Masoub." EG: "This might my last fun event in the Kingdom and I'm deeply grateful to you and your events and volunteers! Be the happiest!" AH: "Thank you F and all your volunteers for the fantastic organization of the Hejaz 50! Course marked excellently and great Drink and Refreshment stations! Was very happy to finish but it was certainly one of the most challenging rides I have done! Thanks from all the KAUST Bikers & Runners! When did you say the next one is??" DE: "Well done to everyone yesterday!!! It was HOT, TOUGH AND BRUTAL but GREAT!!! Thank you F and all the volunteers" YS: "Hats off to the organizers and a big Salute to all the Volunteers. Mr.B - I don't have words to Thank you for having picked me up and getting me back to the base :) Thanks a lot for everyone single person involved." AH: "A very special 'THANK YOU' to all the volunteers who acted beyond what was asked, and made the race today a success." ALQ: "shout out to the lovely volunteers 💯" FL: "a big thank you to the volunteers who helped setting the trail today by putting the chalk on the course."