Medd Hejaz50

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Medd Hejaz50 race.


After an inaugural edition of the Hejaz50 in March 2016 and a slightly changed route in October 2016 for Hejaz50v2, the team brought to you the Hejaz100 which was, to the best of our knowledge, the longest foot race organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a completely new format (a central Basecamp, and 4 distinct legs in the 4 cardinal directions, each done twice - once clock-wise and once counter-clockwise). Hejz50v3 followed the same Basecamp concept but on a slighly improved route for the 4 legs (S/W/N/E).

With an incline of 1250m the Hejaz50 was the toughest foot race organized in the western region but it quickly lost its title to the Hejaz50v2 with a hellish total incline of 1850m. Hejaz50v2 was the 1st event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be certified by the International Trail Running Association.

You asked for it. The Medd Hejaz50v4 is back for you for more fun.

The course will be pratically identical to Hejaz50v3 but the legs will be conquered in a different order: NORTH > SOUTH > WEST > EAST.

Race Format


There will be a cut-off time of 10hours for the 50km athletes


The Course details is now available.

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