Hejaz Overload

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Hejaz Overload race

History in the making:

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first Multi day foot race organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can't miss it.

The Hejaz Overload is brought to you by the same team who brought to you the inaugural Hejaz50 in March 2016, the Hejaz50v2 in an updated format in October 2016, the Hejaz50v3 in Octover 2017 and the Hejaz100 in March 2017! With an incline of 1250m the Hejaz50v1 was the toughest foot race organized in the western region but that event lost its title to the Hejaz50v2 with a hellish total incline of 1850m and close to 2000m incline for the Hejaz50v3.

You said you wanted more. We listened and we are bringing to you the Hejaz Overload!


The Hejaz Overload is an Ultra run, a Multi-day / Multi-Stage Ultra-Marathon. Athletes will cover a distance greater than the one of a Marathon (42.2km) 3 days in a row. Over sand dunes. It is a unique event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the region.

It is NOT a self-sufficient event. You will be provided with:


As with our other events, we are offering different options as we try to cater to Athletes of all level and not only to Elite participants. Still participants are expected to be reasonably fit. We are providing an ETC (Estimate Time to Complete) and an DL (Difficulty Level) for each day

You can pick between the:

The Course Profile is available: OveroadCourseProfilev1.0.pdf (v1.0) . Registered participants will receive the final version.

There will be a ranking per day. You will be allowed to switch category at any time ( up or down ) - even during the race - but would not be getting an overall race ranking.

Fatbike Time Trial (TT):

We told you our events are unique, right?

We have added on Day2, a short Time Trial (TT) on a FatBike riding a few kilometers on the Sand Dunes.

MiniOverload and HalfOverload even get a second attempt to lower their time on Day3!


Mandatory Gears while running

Mandatory Gears for BaseCamp

Suggested Gears:


In addition to your camelback/backpack, you can take ONE suitcase with you.

You must reach the Meeting Point at least 1h before the race start (Thursday afternoon) for Gear-Check and to handover your suitcase to the organizers. It must have your name on it + your race number.

You will keep the key with you while you run every day. You will find your suitcase at BaseCamp which will fixed for the duration of the event.

You will be driven back to the original meeting point with your suitcase.


We will provide food for the duration of the race.

It will have the calories and nutritional requirements for the event.

You will need to bring your own race snacks.

Race Entry fee

students get a 10% discount

The fee is per person regardless of category.

For that fee, you can decide to attend only 1 or 2 of the days


Please initiate the SAR 600 payment by transfer to the following account PRIOR to starting the registration as you will be asked to upload the Transfer confirmation.

Bank: Samba

Name: Nesreen Ghonaim

A/C No: 1218025646

Branch: AlTahlia

IBAN: SA74 4000 0000 0012 1802 5646

You might need to enter without space: IBAN: SA7440000000001218025646

Registration Form:

Please fill up the Registration Form: http://Overload.HejazUltra.org.

Full details ( exact timings / GPS locations/ Course details & elevation / Menus ) will be shared with registered particiapants.


check the FAQ here