Regional Ambassadors

As seasons pass, we see the running crowd getting bigger and we oblige by making the race courses crazier. Any Hejaz Ultra event guarantees an unforgettable experience so it is no surprise to see more and more runners flying in from other cities and countries to join in to push their limits and have a good time while they're at it.

We've rounded up our elite athletes to represent Hejaz Ultra in your city to walk you through race registration, visa processing, travel planning and any race-related queries that you may have. Do you see a race on our event calendar that's calling your name? Take the first step. Get in touch!


Ali Khalaf

Ali Khalaf from Bahrain

Ali Khalaf is an athlete from Bahrain. He's 38 years old and he's been doing sports for the past two decades or so.

His adventurous spirit doesn't limit him to just one sport... He has championed in various types of sports ranging from motorcycle racing, go kart racing, skydiving, scuba diving, martial arts, running, cycling, swimming, and now he's concentrating on triathlons.

This IronMan is unstoppable, but be aware that by the time you read this he might have shifted to another sport.

One thing doesn't change however is that Ali loves people. So go ahead and approach him if you need anything.



Marleni Hill

Marleni Hill from Khobar

A Peruvian through and through, having the time of her life in sunny Khobar. She works as a Yoga Teacher, but to her, it's unfair to call it "work" because Yoga to her is pure pleasure. Her love story with running began in 2012. It was the sudden disability of two close friends that made her realise that one can always do more and to not take for granted ones capabilities. She started from 100m running out of breath to completing her first marathon within two years of running. Fast forward many races later, she heard about the first Hejaz Ultra Overload event last November, and without much hesitation, she signed up for one of the most unforgettable adventures she could have.

Oh my what an eye opener that was, it was love at first sight with the beautiful Jeddah wilderness. I did not only managed to complete the 21K challenge but I made friends for life there. One says you leave your all at every race, but in any HU race I don’t just leave everything I got but I leave with so much more than I left!



Nelly Attar

Nelly Attar from Riyadh

Nelly Attar was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She recently moved from a full-time psychology and life coaching profession, to follow her passion in sports and physical activity. Nelly is now the founder of a females-only boutique studio named MOVE (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). MOVE focuses on empowering women through movement in a number of ways – body-weight training, dance, outdoor training, adventure travel, and holistic health education. It is the first studio of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

Nelly’s fitness accomplishments include:

  • Paris Marathon
  • Berlin Marathon
  • Beirut Marathon
  • Riyadh Half Marathon x 3
  • Riyadh Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • Dubai Half IronMan
  • Bahrain Half IronMan (team relay; swim and bike)
  • Aconcagua (Argentina)
  • Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  • Mount Elbrus (Russia)
  • Gran Paradiso (Italy; Alps)
  • Mount Speke (Uganda)
  • Mount Stanely (Uganda)
  • Mount Kenya (Kenya)
  • Mont Blanc (had to turn back 200m away from the summit due to weather conditions)

This is just the start of the journey for Nelly, and she is truly excited to immerse herself more in the world of sports and adventure.


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Jeanette Mertz

Jeanette Mertz from UAE

Jeanette is a Danish national currently working and residing in Dubai. She loves ultra-running especially in hot weather conditions.

Some of her athletic Achievements:

  • Hejaz Ultra Overload 2017
  • Urban Ultra Kalba kickr (1st female)
  • UTX (5th female)
  • Half Marathon des Sables (11th female)
  • Full Marathon Des Sables (14th female)
  • Craze Ultra 101K (1st female)
  • Singapore 200 miler (3rd female)

I highly recommend Hejaz Ultra as the course is absolutely stunning, the Race Director is a lovely but crazy Frenchie, camp set-up is well-organized (think pancakes etc) and the people I met in the 2017 Hejaz Ultra Overload race were simply awesome!!!


Sherief Elabd

Sherief Elabd from UAE

Speaking of sand dunes races, then this one would make sense! Sherief is an egyptian who lives in Dubai. Transformed from a world of deep workaholism to maintaining a balanced life and progressively growing passion to endurance activities. Although it came after 33 years after being born, he has found an immortal love with mountains no matter what they do to him. He loves every aspect of a mountain’s experience from preparation to gear check, from tough climbing days to sleepless nights and especially the friendships he makes that last for lifetime. He started trail running in the summer of 2017, just after a year of knowing what running is like.

My favorite day of the week is when we get on Saturday for sand dunes run! Go try it and you will explore another way of fun - challenge - fun.



Roland Bunge

Roland Bunge from Egypt

Roland Bunge is a South African national who has been living in Cairo for the past 16 years, has been an avid runner for the most of his life, which started by running both in cross country and track events while at school.

He has participated in countless running events (10km, 15km, 21km, 32km and marathons, as well as fun runs!) while living in South Africa but over the last 16 years, he has focused mainly on running Half and Full Marathons in Egypt (Cairo, Luxor and Aswan) and elsewhere in the world (Rotterdam, Istanbul, Malta, Madrid, Marine Corp (DC), Hamburg, New York, Vienna, Frankfurt, Bahrain, Dubai, Prague, Marseille, Berlin, Warsaw, Athens and Padova). He now has 27 Full Marathons to his credit.

Aside of the achievements, Roland is passionate about running, especially Half and Full Marathons, and spends much time helping others with training programme links and tips based on his experiences. He also encourages others to get into the running habit by sharing his passion for it. Roland has found running a marathon to be a huge accomplishment. Anybody who runs it should be proud–no matter what their time or order of finish.

Some thoughts on passion: The beauty of running a marathon is that it’s much more than a race; it’s a test of will. As a result, one of the true hidden beauties of the marathon is that it reveals to all who run how passion can be revealed and found. –Suzanne Kreiter /The Boston Globe

Each marathon is unique, each includes experiences that embody the meaning of passion.


Sponsored Athlete

Mohammed Alansari

Mohammed Alansari Sponsored Athlete

Mohammed Alansari was introduced to running due to a car accident which led to his condition of Vehophobia (the fear of driving). He had no alternative other than to rely on walking and running to reach any destination he needed to reach.

“I owe it to my brother and best friend Faris Alansari, my biggest supporter who made me participate in different running races. I truly enjoy competing especially in Hejaz Ultra 100k , I got so excited that I ran 130k instead of 100k.”

Mohammed's achievements:

  • 1st place in a relay marathon
  • 1st place in Hejaz Ultra 50k
  • 3rd place Jeddah Marathon
  • Issam Nas 21k

“I’m honored to have been chosen as a Hejaz Ultra ambassador and the first Hejaz Ultra Sponsored Athlete, I look forward to representing Hejaz Ultra in the new season and is grateful for this amazing opportunity.”