Hejaz Ultra Committee

Taha Boksmati

Nothing makes Taha Boksmati happier than to see the environment that he grew around to be clean and green all the time. It's a passion that grew with the sense of responsibility in him to always give back, volunteer to improve, and perfect. Currently pursuing a masters in sustainability and environmental impact assessment, he dedicates his time and effort to be fair with the environment and give it it's right to sustain itself and support a healthy generation.

To date, he started a recycling project in Jeddah to encourage locals to sort solid waste in a neat and easy manner. His goal is to be a lead by example for the community to reuse plastics and to help reduce waste print, and finally looking to actively encourage locals to plog within J-town to raise bold awareness to stop throwing waste. In the end, no matter what he does in this field, he tries to surround myself with people who believe what he believes in order to help nurture an enthusiastic force that protects and does not waste.

“I believe that we can bring about social change to create a litter-free environment that can enhance the nurture if a healthy generation. Whether by leading initiatives or helping existing ones, I strive to work diligently to protect and inspire a green environment.”

Fabrice Laborie

Fabrice Laborie

Since 2007, Fabrice Laborie has crossed the finish line of half a dozen Marathons (42.2km), numerous 10km and Half-Marathons, but his love for the outdoors turned him into a Trail Runner while he was in the U.A.E.

“Who wants to run on tarmac when you can run up a mountain? Why be constrained by streets and traffic lights when the Dunes are endless?”

He has completed a few Ultra-Marathons, pushing his limits beyond the traditional 42.2km marathons. Two times finisher of the Oman 72km Wadi Bih race, finisher of the 250km Marathon des Sables in 2014 in Morroco in 2014, of the 195km lake Balaton Supermarathon in Hungary, the 130 km 3xtreme UrbanUltra in the U.A.E, he also joined the 2014 Insomnia race where he completed 126km in the 24hours allocated for the race.

After being on the Committee of the ABRaS AC and Dubai Creek Striders running clubs in Dubai, he started joining and then helping organize runs in Jeddah where he met like-minded Ultra runners and, in 2015, he finally decided to create the Hejaz Ultra running club to organize training and Ultra Trail races.