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Hejaz Ultra, a Jeddah-based running group, focuses on endurance, trail running, and long-distance: Marathon and above. We also Trek, Hike, and Cycle. We are all Outdoors enthusiasts.

Our group includes Saudi Arabia citizens as well as expatriates from all around the world.  We are a very inclusive group: You will be welcome with us. 

We organize events throughout the year that cater to athletes of different fitness levels, so we have beginners, marathoners, ultra runners, ironmen, and everything in between. Come and race with us! We also offer a few Mountain Bike races.

50×50 Summer Challenge

50x50 Summer Challenge by Under Armour
50×50 Summer Challenge by Under Armour

50×50 Summer Challenge

Upcoming Sessions

There are no upcoming events at this time

Our events guarantee only two things:

  1. To push you past your limits.
  2.  Have an incredibly great time doing it!

Despite our notoriety for encouraging you to pick the challenging categories, we’ve seen participant numbers spike up: What started as a small group of friends trying to stay fit, is now one of the major Sports Group of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud to be registered with the General Sports Authority.

Read about some of our events to find out why!

Hejaz Ultra encourages a healthy lifestyle: practicing regular physical activity and having appropriate nutrition.

91 Saudi National Day
91 Saudi National Day
Saudi National Day Run

50x50 Summer Challenge
50×50 Summer Challenge
Saudi National Day Run


Our playground goes from Mastourah 3hours North of Jeddah all the way to Al Baha in the South. We explore all the trails from the shore of the Red Sea and going as far as East as Al Oula or Wahbah Crater, or the rivers near Taif 90 minutes drive from Jeddah.

River Run
River Run

Most of our sessions are in the vicinity of Jeddah: Our training sessions are usually 45 minutes East of the city.

We run on all types of terrain: While we can enjoy a run on the new Jeddah Water Front, on the Corniche, we like to explore the beautiful trails in our region. We also organize many runs in the sand, including the Hejaz Overload race in the magnificent dunes of Mastourah.

Jeddah Marathon

Hejaz Ultra is the proud organizer of the International Jeddah Marathon. For the 3rd consecutive year, we are now organizing a 42.2km race allowing athletes from all around the world to come and compete with our local athletes. You will be able to select between the Full Marathon and the Half Marathon, but we will also be offering a 10km distance if the adrenaline of a fast race is what you prefer! First-Time marathoners who need a Marathon Training plan and seasoned athletes can train and then race with us! As mentioned above we are very inclusive…

HejazUltra Start Line Jeddah Marathon 2020
HejazUltra Start Line Jeddah Marathon 2020

Why join Hejaz Ultra?

Because all our training sessions are free is certainly a good reason… Did you know that running adds years to your life and life to your years? Running helps you lose weight. No excuses! Our group is friendly and will help you achieve your health goals. You will receive guidance for your training and your race if you need support from a Coach. Our weekly runs will also allow you to get out of the city and enjoy the outdoors. And Yes, we do train during the summer as well. It does get hot, so you will have to be mindful and stay hydrated. We will be happy to guide you in acquiring the right gear.

Please do get in touch through our social media and join us for our next run! You can contact us by phone: +966.50.1972.666 or WhatsApp Telegram, Twitter, our Instagram account @HejazUltra is also getting more and more popular by the hour, and so is our Twitter @hejazultra account.

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