Calendar Hejaz Ultra Season 2016-2017

Calendar Hejaz Ultra Season 2016-2017

This was Hejaz Ultra Calendar Hejaz Ultra Season 2016-2017

DateRun / Hike / Ride
23-Sep-1610km Bahrah Dunes Challenge
15-Oct-16Hejaz50 v1
28-Oct-16Ekiden Marathon Relay
11-Nov-1612h Fight The Night
01-Dec-16Donut Run - Camp - Run
31-Dec-16MidNight run
06-Jan-1720km Bahrah Dunes Challenge
17-Mar-1712h Fight The Night
08-Apr-1730km Bahrah Dunes Challenge
05-May-1710/10 20/20 30/30: Run+Camp+Run
09-Jun-17Tarawih Trail MTB & HalfMarathon


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We want to thank our amazing Sponsors and the Volunteers who made everything possible.

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