Hejaz Ultra is a Jeddah based running group focused mainly on endurance trail running; we also cater to trekking/hiking and cycling enthusiasts. Every weekend, you’ll find us training hard on rocky trails, sandy dunes, or hilly roads. We organize races & events throughout the year that cater to athletes of different fitness levels, so we have beginners, marathoners, ironmen and ironwomen, ultra runners, and everything in between.

Our events guarantee only two things:

  • To push you past your limits.
  • Have an incredibly great time doing it!

Despite our notoriety for encouraging you to pick the challenging categories, we’ve seen participant numbers spike up!

Hejaz Ultra encourages a healthy life style: practicing regular physical activity and having appropriate nutrition.

Hejaz Ultra is registered by Fit Oryx Establishment which organizes Sports Events – CR 4030327925

In addition to Hejaz Ultra events, Fit Oryx can support your own Events and increase the reach.

Address 7564 – Mohammed Al Azdi St. Al Murjan District Jeddah 23715 – 3851. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hours Sunday—Thursday: 9:00AM–5:00PM

Customer Care details : Phone: +966.50.1972.666 email: info@hejazultra.org

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