50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS

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50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS

June 15, 2023 @ 00:00 August 3, 2023 @ 23:10

50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS

50 days x 50 minutes of activity for families and sports enthusiasts. Join HejazUltra 50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS: Run or Walk!
Every day, starting June 15th, 2023, for 50 days, until August 3rd, ASICS & Hejaz Ultra are inviting everyone to Run or Walk, for up to 50 minutes. Summer in Saudi Arabia is not an excuse not to stay fit or become fit! And it’s FREE to join!
You should share with us what distance he/she covered using a Fitness Tracker app amongst free readily available used by the community. Registered participants will receive the link to upload their 50×50 Summer Challenge results.

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There is no age limit to join the Join HejazUltra 50×50 Summer Challenge We encourage families to take this Challenge together. We highly recommend kids under 15 years of age limit the activity to 20 minutes only. We will take age into account and have created a category for our young athletes! Please be responsible and keep the family safe, making sure everyone stays hydrated during the activity… Prefer an early morning or late evening session!

Every day, we will publish the results of the previous day, by category, on our website https://HejazUltra.org in order to keep everyone motivated.

Free free to join


The Hejaz Ultra 50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS rules are very simple:

  • Run or Walk and upload the distance you covered, in which category, how many minutes it took you, confirm the date, and share a LINK to the activity from your Fitness Tracker.
  • If you stopped before 50 minutes, it is OK!! Please do share your results. You’re still in the game. You’ve done more than most… what counts is that you were active on that day, regardless of how short the activity was. you ticked the box! the kilometers will add up. Note that someone walking only 25 minutes for 50 days, will get a better ranking than someone walking 50 minutes for only 25 days …
  • If you did more than 50 minutes, It is OK as well! Please upload the details: we will average the distance covered over 50 minutes (submitting 12km in 2hours will count for 5 km in 50 minutes)
  • Skipping a day: Yes It is ok … You may be sick, traveling, very busy on that day… Don’t worry it’s ok, as you can walk or a day in lieu. Here is how you can make up for the missing day:
    • Should you miss ONE day, you can run or walk another day: one or two days before or after the day you missed: You will need to do TWO separate activities on that day, with at least 50 minutes in between. One activity of 1h40 minutes will not make up for the missing one.
    • Should you miss a SECOND day, you will be required to walk/run 50% extra distance (75mins ). We will average the distance you covered back to 50 minutes (ex: 7.5km in 75mins will give you 5km for the day you missed)
    • Our generosity is limitless: The Bonus time you will need to do will continue to double every additional day you miss after that (1h40 mins for 3 days missed, 4h10mins for 5 days missed…). You will still need to do a separate run of 50 minutes with a 50-minute break minimum in between, and we will still average the distance back down to 50 minutes. In short, it is best not to take too many days in lieu!

The winners of the Hejaz Ultra 50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS will be those doing the most days out of 50 days possible, and amongst those, those who cover the most distance in those 50 days x 50 minutes. It is quite possible that no one will manage a streak of 50 continuous days. We have not yet a formal confirmation of the attendance of the current Saudi Arabia Record holder, our very own Ahmed Nasser who currently holds the Kingdom record of 100 days, covering 836 km.

The top 3 Finishers will receive a full-kit prize from ASICS in each category ( top 3 Male / Top 3 Female ) x ( Adults / Children).

Up to 50 finishers will receive an ASICS Tee-shirt!

We will have a few Group runs to support you. It will be a mix of Morning runs ( before work) starting 05:00 AM and evening runs. A selection of road and trail locations. You are welcome to do your activity anywhere, in Saudi Arabia or outside!

Registration CLOSED


We want to thank our sponsor, ASICS, who will be providing prizes for the winners and for the finishers.

@asicme #ASICS #SoundMindSoundBody #NothingFeelsBetter

We want to thank Restart for their contribution:

The winners (Males, Females & kids) of the Hejaz Ultra 50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS will receive the following:

  1. Free Restart subscription that includes a nutrition consultation
  2. Customized diet plan designed for each winner
  3. One-month follow-up.

50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS 2022 results

Fitness Trackers: use Strava

You do not have to spend money and use the latest technology to join the 50×50 Summer Challenge. What is important is that you get out of the house and exercise! If you want to use an analog stopwatch and run loops around an athletic track, this is perfectly fine, just to participate.

To qualify for the prize, however, you will have to submit an auditable link to your outdoors run to the Page we will share with you which would indicate the “Elapsed time” ( and not the “moving time” meaning you should not pause your timer if you stop for a while) and indicate the map on Strava If in doubt, contact info@hejazultra.org

You can use a Sports Watch or your Smart Phone. Pick a brand for the watch. and select whichever “app” you want for your SmartPhone.

We recommend Strava. it is available for both iOS and Android from your local apps store or on strava.com. If your Sports watch syncs to Strava, you do not need to run with your phone. If you do not have a sports watch, then you should install Strava on your GPS-enabled smartphone, and track activity with Strava. Pedometer watches do not qualify as sports watches as they count steps and do not track accurate distances over GPS. Pedometer apps don’t do the trick either.

Conclusion: If you don’t know what to use, use your GPS enabled watch synced to Strava. If you have no watch, use Strava on your phone. if you don’t want to use Strava, contact us to check if what you have in mind can do the trick. Our decision will be final. and you can get your registration money back!

For the prizes, we can not accept Apps that will not allow you to share an auditable link such as Nike apps, or which give only a screenshot. ( this is a running challenge, not a photoshop contest). But again, you are encouraged to get out and exercise and report your times/distances to us regardless.

50x50 Summer Challenge by Under Armour
50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS


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50×50 Summer Challenge powered by ASICS
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