HejaZee 21: Wadi Zee Half-Marathon v2

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HejaZee 21: Wadi Zee Half-Marathon v2

October 1, 2021 @ 06:30 09:00

HejaZee 21: Wadi Zee Half-Marathon v2

Join us Friday, October 1st, 2021 for an Unsupported Half-Marathon, 2 hours+ away from Jeddah near Wadi Zee.

Note1: The event is Unsupported: You will need to carry your supply of food & water for the 21.8km ( yes the loop is a bit more than 21.1km . The Half-Marathon is offered free of cost and so is the bonus 700m extra)

Note2:  The course is unmarked. This run is not meant for beginners. You should join only if you have comfortably run a Sub2h Half in the (somehow recent) past. There are no shortcuts. We can’t come and get you by car if you get tired as this is a trail run with no direct access for vehicles. If you start this run you must be sure that you can finish it.   This is for seasoned Half-Marathon runners.


04:10: Meet North of Jeddah with Tawakkalna check. We will NOT stop for gas. please fill up before. 
04:15: Leave from the meeting point. 
06:10: reach Car park. Get ready 
06:15: Start running
08:30-08:45: complete the trail HejaZee21 Half-Marathon.
11:00: Reach Jeddah

You will need a Hydration Pack with 2L+, a fully charged phone. Buff, sunglasses etc…

no transport provided . SEDAN ok ( SUV not required)

Free Free entry

HejaZee 21: Wadi Zee Half-Marathon v2
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