September River Run & Hike with Al Rimaya

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September River Run & Hike with Al Rimaya

September 10, 2021 @ 06:30 09:00

September River Run & Hike with Al Rimaya

Run / Hike / Walk / MTB: 90 minutes away from Jeddah following the flow of a river ! from a 6km walk to a Half-Marathon run.

It is not required to REGISTER for this training. you can just show up ( on time … and with all the required gear and a 4×4! – Off-roading equipment is available from Al Rimaya. SUVs not suitable as we will be driving on a sandy trail and there is a chance for 2wd vehicle to get stuck. hard core 4×4 equipment not required.)

Free Entry . All levels are welcome.

Al Rimaya River Run

Fill up your tank. by Thursday night. You will not have time on Friday morning. We will NOT stop on the way.

We will be crossing a Police CheckPoint.

  • Everyone should have the proper Identification document (Saudi ID / Iqama).
  • Drivers should have driving license + Istimarah + insurance + …
  • Everyone should obey the Law of the Land.

Transport: We do NOT provide Transport!

4×4 is required as there is a sandy track to reach the start of the run. SUV is ok provided it has an AWD/4×4 mode. the track is NOT going across dunes, but it will get a little bit tricky on some portions, especially before sunrise. Do not attempt to cross the sandy patch with a Sedan as you will get stuck. Stopping to get your vehicle unstuck before the run will not be possible as it would delay everyone who needs to start before it gets too hot. You’ve been warned.

Here is the schedule:

  • 04:30AM Meet at Hardee’s near the Flag on Andalus street. Please park on the back street/empty land next to Hardees. not on the service road, as not to block traffic or attract attention.
  • 04:35AM Depart from Hardees
  • 06:10AM Start the off-road drive
  • 06:25AM Park, Bio-break. Get ready.
  • 06:30AM Safety Brief
  • 06:35AM Start running or hiking.
  • 09:30AM Return to 4×4’s. change. Dry up. Leave
  • 11:00AM Reach Jeddah

What to bring:

  • Hat/buff/sunglasses/sunscreen/
  • Water:
    • DRINKING WATER: Enough for a 2hours+ outing in February in Saudi Arabia. at least 1.5 liters in your backpack is recommended.
    • Some water to clean up: you’ll be covered with mud after the run.
  • snacks.
  • Shoes: one pair for running and one pair ( flip flops are ok ) for getting back to Jeddah. Bring a (plastic?) bag to put your dirty shoes/socks/clothes in.
  • a change of clothes for the return. you’ll be covered in sand/mud…
  • you should have a D-ring/shackle/o-ring for your vehicle in case you get stuck


It is a straightforward “Out and Back” . It is open for ALL LEVELS. Beginners are welcome. You can Hike or Run or Moutain Bike. It will be a Self-Timed event for those who want to do the Half-Marathon or 10km run. You can turn around at any point of time ( you will need to turn around after at MOST 70  minutes since the return back to the car will be more difficult and will take longer ).

Phone: There will be NO Phone SIGNAL.

You must wear a mask or a BUFF at the Meeting point ( Hardees ) and at the Start / Finish of the run.

Free Free entry
September River Run & Hike with Al Rimaya
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