Hejaz Overload v4

Potato Rock Mastourah

Hejaz Overload v4 - Dec 12-13-14 2020 The fourth edition of Hejaz Overload will take place over three days: Thursday, 10th December 2020 (12:30 PM) . You will need to leave from Jeddah 08:30 AM Friday, 11th December 2020 (full day !) Saturday, 12th December 2020 (morning +) Before being a race it is an […]


Coffee+ Donut Half & 10km 2021

Donut Loop Jeddah

The Rule is simple: - RUN or HIKE or MTB. Complete a 10km loop ( 225m+ ascent) - Stuff your face with a donut + get a coffee - Repeat Are you a one-donut type of person? Two-donuts? Or a Three-donuts type? To the best of our knowledge, we haven't met a four-donuts type person. […]

Al Oula Tarawih 1442 Half-Marathon & 10km

Donut Loop Jeddah

Register for our 6th yearly Al Oula Tarawih 1442 Half-Marathon & 10km. Join us to unite the running community and support Al Oula Foundation.   Donations to Al Ula Foundation are encouraged.  details on ALAHLI BANK          SA 631 000 001 135 667  000 0101 ALAWWAL BANK    SA 555 000 000 […]

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