Under Armour Championship – FFFFF – Under Armour Fiery Fun Five @ Five o Five by Hejaz Ultra


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OCTOBER: https://www.cognitoforms.com/HejazUltra/OCT2021ffffffieryfunfivefiveofivebyunderarmour

SEPTEMBER: https://www.cognitoforms.com/HejazUltra/sept2021ffffffieryfunfivefiveofivebyunderarmour

For the entire month of October 2021, we will meet every Tuesday before work at 05:05AM. Yes. that’s Five o Five on the HIlton Walkway.

For a Fiery (Winter is Coming, but it’s still hot in Jeddah ) Fun ( but you still need to push! It remains a fun race!! ) Five km run.

This should give everyone enough time to get back home and change before going to work.

The 1st FFFFF took place in 2018 innear Rawdah Park aka Graffiti Park aka Ahmad’s Park before we moved to the Hilton Mamsha. We are now alternating locations.

In October we will meet again on the Hilton Mamsha, opposite The Venue & Auris Alfanar Villas. https://goo.gl/maps/3jxjYqdbkiMQgq2B6

This is a 4-weeks Run Series sanctioned by Under Armour Medals for those who attend all 4 events!

the 5km course is a out-and-back, starting on the Hilton Mamsha, heading south, crossing over the pedestrian bridge, and then heading north towards the Island Mosque ( مسجد الواجهة البحري) . Before the mosque, turn around and head back to the bridge, then back to start !

We will allocate points based on your position in the race. 1st place gets one point. 2nd place gets 2 points etc. The overall winner will be the runner with the fewest number of points who joined the 4 races.

We invite all runners across the kingdom to join the challenge and take part remotely if they can’t join in person. but only those attending with us can claim the Medals.

UA Fiery Fun Five@ Five o Five
UA Fiery Fun Five@ Five o Five
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