IBP Index

What is IBP index?

Comparative chart of IBP index values

The IBP index is an algorithm that analyses the difficulty of a mountain or road bike route or a running trail generating a precise number.

Our index will help you to compare the difficulty of different trails.

The measure of the difficulty of a route is different from the effort it requires: a route with an IBP index of 60 will be very hard for a debutant, a pretty normal one for someone with an average preparation, and very comfortable for a professional cyclist (see comparative chart).

 The effort required by a trail depends on: your fitness + the pace of the race + weather conditions + IBP index  
RNG#Descriptionkmd+ (m)
31Peachey Loop Micro7.5146
58Peachey Loop Mini13160
62Peachey Loop17165
90H50v6 (BC-WS2)19219
207Hejaz50 Origin251033

You can read more about the IBP Index here

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