Jeddah Marathon

Jeddah Marathon Editions:

For the third year in a row, Hejaz Ultra is hosting the International Jeddah Marathon.

Here is a brief overview of the:

If you are living in Jeddah, don’t forget to check our training runs with the Hejaz Ultra Trail Running Academy. Yes ! We do train on the road as well!

Don’t wait for the last moment to start training with us. We are running all through the year, including June, July, and August. Of course, our Slow Long Runs are not so long and really slow and we pack a lot of water with us to stay safe and hydrated. Yallah! What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us NOW.

2022 International Jeddah Marathon

Registration: 2022 Jeddah Marathon powered by Under Armour

2021 International Jeddah Marathon

Full details and registration details on this link.

The Jeddah Marathon 2021 will take place Saturday, January 16th, 2021.
THREE options:

      • Full-Marathon ( 42.2 km)
      • Half-Marathon ( 21.1 km)
      • 10 km



2019 & 2020 – International Jeddah Marathon

The inaugural International Jeddah Marathon & Half Marathon by Hejaz Ultra took place on 11th January 2019.

On 18th January 2020, we organized the 2nd Jeddah International Marathon & Half Marathon by Hejaz Ultra.

Race Location:

  • We raced 30km East of Jeddah, near Highway 4050, before the crossing the Jummum/Usfan Highway 15. 


  • 04:30 AM: Leave central Jeddah
  • 05:30 AM: Reach the Car Park/ Start/Finish Line
  • 05:30-06:10 AM: BIB (RunningNumber) Collection.
  • 06:20 AM: Safety Brief
  • 06:30 AM: start running
  • 09:30 AM: Cut off time for the Half-Marathon and Cut of Time for starting a second loop for the Marathon
  • 12:30 AM: Cut off time for the Marathon


  • The course is 21.1km. Half Marathon runners will run it once. Full Marathon runners will run it twice.
  • There will be KM markers. Full Marathoners will need to add in their heads ( or using their smartphone ) 21.1 to the number displayed when on their second loop.
  • The course is an out-and-back. This means it will cover 10.55km which you will run out and run back. It is actually a T junction. more details on that in a bit. 
  • There will be Water at 2.5km (WS1), 4.5km (WS2), 6.3km (WS3), 8.2km(WS2), 11km(WS4), 13.5km(WS2), 15.7km (WS1), 18.5km and 21.1km, Courtesy of Nestle Waters, available in 330ml bottles. We don’t expect you to drink at all of those water stations. It should be cool weather at the start in particular, but please keep yourself hydrated.
  • There will be Fruits at 4.5km,  8.2km, 18km, and 21.1km. Similarly, we don’t expect you to eat at all those stations.  
  • Course Description:
    • You will start from under the Bridge. We just thought it would be entertaining to mess up your Garmin and Strava stats
    • You will run SOUTH-EAST past WS1 (2.5km) and WS2 Junction (  4.5km )( that’s where you drove from ), and continue for another 1.8km (6.3km)  i.e. until the end of the road. There will be a timekeeper and water at the WS3
    • You will make a U-Turn, run  back WEST to WS2 ( 8.2km)
    • You will then take a RIGHT and run NORTH for 2.5km, i.e. until WS4 at km 11 where there will be a timekeeper.
    • You will make a U-Turn, run  back SOUTH to WS2 ( 13.5km)
    • You will then take a RIGHT and run back NORTH-WEST for 4.5km towards the Bridge after running past WS1 ( km 15.7) .
    • You will reach the Bridge at km 18.5
    • Continue North West for 1.2km,  there will be a timekeeper.
    • You will make a U-Turn, run  back SOUTH-WEST to the Finish – Full Marathoners will then start a second loop ( provided the 1st loop is completed in under-3hours ) 
Jeddah Marathon Course

Leave No Trace & Hejaz Clean-Up:

We are following the guidelines of Leave No Trace. We are asking Athletes not to discard anything before during or after the race. The Penalty for polluting will be immediate disqualification.

Hejaz Clean-Up Team will make sure we leave our playground spotless.


  • You’ll get your T-Shirt at the start.


  • This is for Finishers. Only.
  • Work hard to get one, will you…
Medal Jeddah Marathon 2019
Medal Jeddah Marathon 2019
Medal Jeddah Marathon 2020
Medal Jeddah Marathon 2020


Certificate Jeddah Marathon 2019
Certificate Jeddah Marathon 2019

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