Hejaz Ultra

Hejaz Overload v4

Potato Rock Mastourah

Hejaz Overload v4 - Dec 12-13-14 2020 The fourth edition of Hejaz Overload will take place over three days: Thursday, 10th December 2020 (12:30 PM) . You will need to leave from Jeddah 08:30 AM Friday, 11th December 2020 (full day !) Saturday, 12th December 2020 (morning +) Before being a race it is an […]


Coffee+ Donut Half & 10km 2021

Donut Loop Jeddah

The Rule is simple: - RUN or HIKE or MTB. Complete a 10km loop ( 225m+ ascent) - Stuff your face with a donut + get a coffee - Repeat Are you a one-donut type of person? Two-donuts? Or a Three-donuts type? To the best of our knowledge, we haven't met a four-donuts type person. […]

Al Oula Tarawih 1442 Half-Marathon & 10km

Donut Loop Jeddah

Register for our 6th yearly Al Oula Tarawih 1442 Half-Marathon & 10km. Join us to unite the running community and support Al Oula Foundation.   Donations to Al Ula Foundation are encouraged.  details on http://Oula.org.sa ALAHLI BANK          SA 631 000 001 135 667  000 0101 ALAWWAL BANK    SA 555 000 000 […]

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