Our Story

Hejaz Ultra, a Jeddah-based running group, focuses on endurance, trail running, and long-distance: Marathon and above. We also Trek, Hike, and Cycle. We are all Outdoors enthusiasts. Our group includes Saudi Arabia citizens as well as expatriates from all around the world.

How it all started?

In 2013, a group of small group of runners met and started running together. They were all long-distance runners, experienced Marathon runners, interested in trail running. They started running together since there was no other group offering such activities.

Osama, was instrumental in guiding the Group in all his favorite running spots around Jeddah. Rob had already a dozen Comrades under his belt and Fabrice was training for the Marathon des Sables… What started as an informal group of runners training for Ultra Long Distances on weekends in the outskirts of Jeddah, started to attract other runners of similar interest as well as road runners who go curious about trail running!

By 2015, the group was known as Run but Where is The FinishLine. They started organizing fun runs. and some not-so-fun long runs in 2016 (such as the inaugural 12h-Fight-the-Night) as well as the first ever Ultra Marathon in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hejaz50, a 50km Trail run.

The group was finally renamed Hejaz Ultra by the end of 2016, Hejaz being the Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the vast majority of our training sessions, events and races are held.

Your story

As our story develops and as we extend our reach, we hope that your story and our story will meet. Who knows, on the top of a dune, in the middle of a wadi …

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