Hejaz Overload


Hejaz Overload is a unique 3-days adventure in the magnificent dunes of Mastourah, Saudi Arabia: a Multi day , Multi Stage desert Ultramarathon organized by Hejaz Ultra since 2017.

An event you can’t miss! Ready to step up your game?

Hejaz Overload v4

Registration: Hejaz Overload

Hejaz Overload v4 – Dec 17-18-19 2020: 

It is an ADVENTURE… The Hejaz Overload is an Ultra run, a Multi-day / Multi-Stage Ultra-Marathon. Athletes will cover a distance greater than the one of a Marathon (42.2km) 3 days in a row. Over sand dunes. It is a unique event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the region. with 3 options :

    • Mini Overload ( 10km per day) – total: 30km
    • Half Overload ( 21km per day) – total: 63km
    • Full Overload ( 43.3km per day) – total: 130km

Registration: Hejaz Overload

Hejaz Overload v1 – v3

Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes

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