be TRHU – Training Runs with Hejaz Ultra


TRHU : Join us for our free sessions powered by Under Armour. We will train in various type of terrain and prepare for our Hejaz Ultra races & events .

  • Injury Prevention
  • Strength Training
  • Cross-Training
  • HITT
  • Nutrition
  • Gear
  • Building Endurance

We’ll be mindful of Physical Distancing!

Upcoming Training:

No Registration required : Details:

Just Show Up (after reading the full details and the requirements)

Sunset Trail in Barzah
Sunset Trail in Barzah

Here is the list of our Previous Training Sessions

DateTrainingHighlightPhotos & Videos
2020.10.23be TRHU – H50v6 training 2020.10.23--
2020.10.16 TRHU – Zahra River Run Half Marathon--
2020.10.10Sherwood Forest run--
2020.10.09H50v6 SouthEast+SouthWest legsH50v6 SouthEast+SouthWest legs--
2020.10.02Southern Dounut 16-26km--
2020.09.11Hejaz50 v6 TrainingHejaz50 v6 Training-
2020.08.28#Run4BeirutRun for Beirut-
2020.07.17Master Peachey's LoopK&MPhotos & Video
2020.07.10Sunset Trail in BarzahSunset Trail in Barzah-
2020.07.10Sherwood Forest2020.07.10 Sherwood Forest Photos & Videos
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